Disc Golf Putting Clinic: Drills and Skills for Perfecting Your Putts

Putting is an essential part of any disc golfer’s game, and it all starts with mastering the basics. The first step is to find the right grip that feels comfortable and allows you to have control over the disc. The most common grips are the fan grip, power grip, and modified power grip. Experiment with these grips and see which one suits you best.

Once you have a grip, it’s time to work on your stance. There are two main stances: the straddle stance and the staggered stance. The straddle stance is where your feet are parallel to the basket, and the staggered stance is where one foot is in front of the other. Each has its advantages, so it’s best to experiment with both and see which one is more comfortable for you.

Keep in mind that your stance should be consistent every time you putt, and your feet should be shoulder-width apart. This will help with your balance and ensure that you have a solid foundation when you release the disc. Also, keep your body leaning slightly forward to increase the chances of hitting the basket.

Perfecting Your Release: Spin and Angle

Now that you have your grip and stance, it’s time to work on your release. The most important part of your release is the spin and angle of the disc. The spin is what keeps the disc stable and helps it stay on the line you want it to follow. It’s important to have a consistent spin, so the disc travels the same distance every time.

The angle is also crucial, as it determines the height and direction of the putt. For short putts, you want to release the disc flat, with the nose slightly up. For longer putts, you want to release the disc on a slight hyzer angle, which will help it glide longer.

Remember to keep your wrist loose and relaxed during the release, as a tense wrist will decrease spin and accuracy. Finally, follow through with your putt, reaching towards the basket with your arm extended, giving the disc the best chance of finding its target. With consistent practice, you’ll master your grip, stance, and release, becoming a true putting pro.

The Circle Putt: Tips for Inner Chains

The circle putt refers to short-range putts that fall within 10 meters of the basket. These putts are essential for making birdies and pars, and they require a different approach than longer putts. One of the most important things for circle putts is to aim for the inner chains. The inner chains have a more significant chance of capturing the disc and should be the target every time. It doesn’t matter how fast the disc is traveling or what angle it’s released at, as long as it’s going towards the inner chains.

Another critical element is focus and commitment. Make sure you’re not overthinking and trust your instincts. Take a deep breath, visualize the putt going in, and commit to that image, letting nothing distract you. Doing this will boost your confidence and consistency, making those circle putts easier than ever to execute.

Outside the Circle: Techniques for Longer Putts

Long-range putts are where the game gets exciting – that’s where the thrill is. Every disc golfer needs to have a technique for these putts to be a successful player. One of the main techniques for a longer putt is to create more spin. To increase the spin, you need to generate more power through your body and use wrist flicks right before releasing the disc.

Another technique you can use is lofting. This technique means that you’re throwing the disc higher and softer by aiming for a point in the sky, which is above the basket. As the disc will come down, the wind will carry it down to the chains, which means you’ll have better chances of making it. However, this technique isn’t suitable for all conditions, like high winds.

With these tips in mind, your circle and long-range putts will become unbeatable, giving you the confidence and satisfaction to elevate your game.

Mental Game: Focus and Confidence

Putting involves both physical and mental strength, and the mental aspect of putting is crucial to success. Your mind must be focused and clear when you approach the disc and trust in your abilities. Here are some tips to improve your mental game:

  • Visualize: Before you throw, picture the path of the disc and the chains where it should end up.

  • Breathe: Take a deep breath in and out to ease tension and clear your thoughts.

  • Routine: Develop a routine for your putts, so it becomes familiar and consistent.

  • Be Confident: Believe in yourself, your technique, and your abilities. Stride towards the disc as if you are already winning.

Staying mentally focused and confident will help you overcome any challenges, including wind, adverse environments, or obstacles placed between you and your putt.

Practice Makes Perfect: Drills for Improvement

The secret to success in any sport is practice, and putting is no different. Here are some drills to improve your putting:

  • Short Putt Accuracy: Place five discs at 5, 7, and 10 meters in front of the basket. Try to hit all five in a row from each distance.

  • Distance Control: Find a flat surface and putt from increasing distances, such as 5, 8, 10, and 12 meters. Focus on accuracy and consistency.

  • Pressure Putts: Create a lineup of putts that simulate a game environment and practice putting from different angles and distances.

  • Blind Putting: Place six discs around the basket and move to a different location, then try to putt without seeing the basket.

Consistent drilling with these putts will help you develop muscle memory, increase consistency and accuracy, and gain confidence in your abilities.

In conclusion, perfecting your putting skills in disc golf takes time, practice, and dedication. With the right techniques, mental focus, and confident mindset, you’ll be hitting the baskets like a champ in no time. Keep practicing, stay patient with yourself, and enjoy the journey towards becoming a better putter.

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